New Food

February 28, 2007

Bill went down to the Union Square market today, and even though I told him not to buy me anything, he came back with the most gorgeous little cauliflower and left it on my desk. It was creamy white and so seductive that I couldn’t resist cooking it for dinner.
Cauliflower with Bolognese?
Don’t think so.
The sauce I made on Sunday will have to wait for tomorrow.
Came home, rummaged around and discovered a pound of asparagus and a few shiitake mushrooms languishing in the vegetable drawer and a half pound of frozen ground pork in the freezer. So dinner will be roasted cauliflower with garlic (from the Gourmet Cookbook), asparagus with shiitake mushrooms and oyster sauce (I can wing it), and spaghetti with pork and hot bean sauce (it’s my recipe on
Nick thought the sauce was too hot (I really liked it), but it was a very satisfying meal.

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