Green Almonds

April 27, 2007

     Green almonds are the most lovable nuts.  Small and fuzzy, they’re the sweet, cool celadon shade of apricots before they begin to blush.  Looking at them you suddenly see that they are related to  apricots (and peaches), which makes the fact that amaretti are made out of apricot kernels suddenly leap into focus.
     But the best thing about green almonds – other than the fact that their season is so fleeting you get to anticipate them for most of the year – is their extreme delicacy.  Peel back the fuzzy exterior and you find a teardrop nestled inside.  This kernel has the color of pearls and a texture somewhere between aspic and pears.  The flavor is so subtle you have to concentrate hard, but that is part of the pleasure.  Swallow too fast and you’ll miss it altogether.


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