Final Feast

October 16, 2009

Launch party for Adventures with Ruth last night was bittersweet: The last Gourmet party, ever.  There were so many people there who mean so much to me, from my colleagues at the magazine, to the production crew that traveled for the show. Friends too, who just showed up to lend  moral support.  Lots of great food, including wonderful little sea urchin crostini.

But I have to say the best part was afterward, when a big group of us went off to Congee Village.  It’s my favorite place for an informal party; they have karaoke rooms downstairs where you can be ridiculously silly in total privacy.  (It would be nice if you could turn the lights down a bit, but perhaps that’s asking too much.) We feasted for hours, tearing  gingered crabs apart with our teeth, grabbing chewy slices of  raw geoduck off a bed of ice, chewing on pork ribs and pork intestines and slurping up noodles. At the end we slowed it all down with bowls of congee, the most comforting food on earth.  And then we faded off into the early morning dark, wondering when we’ll see each other again, and under what circumstances. 

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