Impromptu Pasta

October 18, 2009

When Mitch and Robin showed up last night, I had just finished making the tomato gratin and washing the  salad.  I was beginning to peel the potatoes. Robin glanced down at them and said “What’s for dinner?”

When I replied, “You said you were bringing a big Porterhouse,” her face fell.

“I completely forgot,” she said.

“Oops,” I said; we didn’t have much in the house.  I opened the freezer and peered in. When I saw the hand-made sausage from heritage pigs I smiled.  “No problem, ” I said, “I’ll make pasta sauce with this.  It’ll be a great dinner.”

In the end, Mitch decided to make fresh pasta, so we were all in the kitchen together, drinking wine, eating the liver pate I’d made earlier, spooning up bits of sauce.  It was a terrific meal – and much more fun than the meal I’d planned.  Cheaper, too. 

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