The Guests are Gone

December 1, 2009

Does everybody get depressed when the holidays end?  I've so loved having this houseful of people to cook for, loved the way people roll out of bed when they smell the coffee brewing, come into the kitchen, faces hopeful, to see what might be for breakfast.  I love the way fresh orange juice smells when it mingles with frying bacon and the warm brown scent of buttery toast.  I love the hunt for different kinds of jam and the pawing through the refrigerator by the people who prefer leftover meatballs to just-made pancakes.

I love the constant conversation, the going out for walks or off to the movies, the feeling of life happening in every room.  Now that everyone's gone back to their own lives, and even Nick is back in  school, the house feels yawningly empty and slightly hungry, waiting for what's next.

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