June 17, 2010

The sun is streaming into the kitchen, mingling with the scent of the chicken stock which has been slowly burbling away all day. It’s the smell I missed most while I was laid up, and I’m so happy to have that warm aroma rolling through the house. It will be risotto, and sauces and maybe a few late-Spring soups.

Brought the first vegetables home from the CSA today. It’s still sparse: lettuces, kale, some herbs, a huge fluffy pile of really pungent arugula. A couple of squashes and a napa cabbage. Not even enough for minestrone, but it’s just the start. It was a good feeling, standing at the farm, feeling as if I was not a customer, but a participant in the planting. And next week my chicken CSA begins. Best chickens I ‘ve had around here. Can’t wait.

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