And the Winners Are……

September 17, 2010

The randomly chosen winners of the tickets to the Heirloom Vegetable Auction at Sotheby’s are….

Alexis Tryon;


Jacob Ballon;

Katie Hards.

Will you all please contact me with your real names so I can leave the tickets for you at the door?



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  • AlexisTryon says:

    Oh no Ruth! I thought you must have already annouced the winners and made other plans for the evening. Would you like to pick a new random winner or can I “re-gift” to a foodie friend? Any day but the 23rd would be wonderful!

  • _AllyMac says:

    I can go if Alexis can’t go!! I’m dying to go!! :):)

  • LexEats says:

    Alexis Goebel would love to substitute for AlexisTryon!

  • cybercita says:

    how do we contact you?

  • Ruth Reichl says:

    Winners, please contact me at Thanks!

  • Ruth Reichl says:

    Alexis, the ticket is yours to do with as you will.

  • _AllyMac says:

    Have fun everyone! It’s going to be a wonderful event!!

  • Anne Friel says:

    I stayed up late last night to finish your new book, “Save Me the Plums,” as I loved reading it so much. While I enjoyed reading Gourmet Magazine, I did not realize that so many of the articles to be found in other magazines were “birthed” at Gourmet, under your tenure.
    Thank you for taking a chance on the article on the lobster festival and for giving your art directors the freedom to take the magazine in new and innovative directions. Although may of the innovations are now mainstream and taken for granted, at the time, they were gutsy and fresh.
    My favorite chapters were the one about your son’s evolution as a lover of food and emergence as an imaginative writer and the chapter about your bargain trip to Paris. I have lived both in the world of luxury and as a “regular person.” Your Paris trip celebrated how someone could have a truly marvelous trip to Paris without spending a fortune.
    Anne Friel
    I realize this page dates from 2010 but I didn’t find a place to offer comments on your 2019 page.


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