Things I Love 2

October 9, 2010

White sweet potatoes, with their fluffy flesh, have a nutty flavor that is unlike that of any other potato. Think chestnuts. Cooked until near melting, they turn into a flavor catalyst. Add a bit of butter and a splash of maple syrup, and they make a great impromptu “cake” for dessert. Spoon in a bit of miso, and they’re an equally easy accompaniment to chicken or beef.

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  • Made your pumpkin last night; thanks for your reply about the cream vs. chicken broth. I used organic milk and cream- This was truly amazing, complete and delicious. I served it with asparagus, zucchini and carrots, it smelled savory and earthy and really felt like fall! Not a bit was left at the end.
    Thanks again

  • Oh yum. Have you ever eaten at Kyo Ya in the east village? A friend just brought me and we had the tempura sweet potato, which was a white sweet potato. It was incredible–simple, so sweet, and battered and fried whole. the waiter said they steam it whole and then wrap it and let it sit overnight which helps the sugars to develop, making it as sweet as possible. Any truth to this?

  • I can never seem to find white sweet potatoes. Are they hard to find?

  • YES! I’ve always compared them to chestnuts, and you’re the only person who has made the same comparison – I love them, and they are very easy to find in California.