Gift Guide, Day 15

December 12, 2010

Bring Home the Bacon:

The best present I ever gave my former boss, Si Newhouse (the epitome of the man who has everything), was some bacon from Violet Hills Farm. I waited on line at the farmers market for hours to get it.  But that was years ago, when the bacon craze was new and there was no such thing as a Bacon of the Month Club.

These days, if you’re looking to surprise a bacon freak, you have to think beyond the edible.  And you certainly can.  My favorite is the very cool, very strange bacon wallet, but there are all kinds of other appealing bacon products. Bacon soap? Bacon lollipops? Bacon jellybeans? And don’t forget the adorable Bendy Mr. Bacon, who will sit on your friends' desks making them extremely hungry.



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