Gift Guide, Day 16

December 13, 2010

Fauchon Christmas Tea:

I know proper tea drinkers will look down their collective noses at this.  It’s not monkey-picked, or large leafed, or any of the other high-fallutin’ terms that connoisseurs use to make you know that their tea is better than yours.  But I can’t help myself; I love this stuff.

When you open the tin, the loveliest perfume escapes into the room.  It is cherries and caramel, orange peel and vanilla, with perhaps just a tiny tropical touch of pineapple.  I can make a tin last all year, so that even in the heat of summer, I can brew a pot and remember how the air smells when it snows. I love the fact that Fauchon only makes Un Soir de Noel at this time of year, and it is my annual Christmas gift to myself.  Occasionally I also buy it for a friend – if I think they'll like it as much as I do.

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  • Regine Ibold says:

    Loving your gift guide. One idea is not part of it but nevertheless Ruthie-inspired. Truffle salt…with which you rubbed your filet roast. I scratched off the price tag so curmudgeon husband wouldn’t see it. Rubbed the salt on a little eye of round pour deux. You’re right about the smell. The earthy, woodsy aroma permeated the kitchen.

  • LaraNell says:

    Oh, my Ms. Reichl. I ordered some of this for my sweet 15-year old daughter (a budding tea enthusiast) for Christmas and I’ve now created a monster. This stuff is fantastic. I’ve returned now to Fauchon’s site to order some more, and some additional tea flavors, as well, to the tune of 100 euros! Oh, well…such is the cost of raising a discerning child. She’s worth it!