Gift Guide, Day Nine

December 9, 2011

Hand-Blown Glass Candles

 When I walked into CM Cherry in Hudson a couple of weeks ago, I fell so hard for the hand-blown glass candles that I instantly bought a pair for myself.  Then I went back and bought them for just about everyone on my Christmas list.  I’d just never seen anything like them.

 You simply fill the elegant glass tapers with liquid paraffin and give the wicks a bit of  time to absorb the oil. Then you light them, like an ordinary candle.  They sparkle as they burn. They’re dripless. They’re also reusable.

Candle lovers (and I suppose such people do exist) would undoubtedly be thrilled to find these under the tree. But it’s hard to think of anyone who entertains -even once in a while – who wouldn’t be happy to put these unusual candles on their table. You can browse the website (the shop also has a remarkable collection of candlesticks), but it isn’t set up to take orders.  So you'll have to resort to something even more old-fashioned than glass candles: The telephone. 518-828-2452.  



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