Gift Guide, Day 6

December 6, 2012

Where There's Smoke……

What the Baked Alaska was to the fifties, smoked ice cream (not to mention smoked cocktails) are to modern times: the seemingly impossible juxtaposition. If  you’re looking for the perfect present for a food geek, the Smoking Gun might just be it. 

This totally modern tool, (courtesy of the same company that makes the incredible anti-griddle), infuses foods with the flavor of smoke without actually smoking them. This has nothing to do with preserving and everything to do with flavor. 

The chef who aims to astonish can smoke the unsmokable:  raw oysters, salads, butter, chocolates.  Anyone who wants to play wizard can present food in a billow of smoke. Capture the smoke in a glass, invert it over a meringue, a slice of salmon or a bar of chocolate, and voila!: instant cloud. Pure magic.






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