Gift Guide, Day 8

December 8, 2012

Shrimp Under Glass

Most of us spend a lot of time talking about sustainability, but few of us get to see it in action. 

This gift will change that. 

Ecospheres are self-sustaining little worlds enclosed in glass.  Designed by a NASA engineer, these beautiful glass globes are strangely absorbing.  Filled with algae, bacteria and tiny shrimp, they are like little aquariums that take care of themselves. Carl Sagan became so absorbed in his Ecosphere that he found himself “worrying about the shrimp, rooting for them.”

An Ecosphere would make a great gift for anyone who's skeptical about sustainability.  The little ecosystems are so beautifully balanced that they last a few years with no input at all.  In this age of whirling winds and rising water, it's a humbling reminder that a better world is possible. 



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