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October 25, 2013

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A surprising new product for the Hudson Valley.

This is from the farmstand at Etcetera Farm, in Harlemville. 

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  • Deana Sidney says:

    How do you grow rice in NYS? I can’t imagine we have the right climate. What’s the story?

  • Eve Fox says:

    Yes! So exciting. One of the drummers for my regular West African dance class in Kingston (he’s originally from Gambia) and his wife have a farm and they have been raising rice – he brought a few bags to class last week to sell. And I know there’s an Asian-American farmer in Columbia County who is growing rice, too. Combined with the work that the Hudson Valley Farm Hub is doing with Cornell over in Stone Ridge to test out various types of grains and see how best to grow them (especially with the changing weather and growing extremes of climate change), I think it’s all very hopeful! I, for one, cannot wait to have more Hudson Valley grown (and milled, hopefully) grains available. Right now, the only thing I see for sale near me is Wild Hive Farm’s excellent corn meal and polenta. But this is one of the next big frontiers of local food in this part of the country – reclaiming grain and I find it super exciting (look out NYC Greenmarket)! There was a good article in Edible Manhattan not long ago about this: