2013 Gift Guide: Day Six

November 30, 2013



Vintage Menu Cards 

My favorite find on last year’s gift guide was the vintage menu posters from Cool Culinaria.  If you haven’t already found this website, you have a pleasant treat ahead. Browsing the blog I see it’s grown since last year, adding impressive additions from two famous menu collectors, along with an expanded cocktail collection and a really wonderful new group of Chinese restaurant menus.


But their newest offering is a collection of vintage menu cards,  that would make absolutely ideal presents for almost everyone who still employs a pen. 

Boxed in sets of ten, the cards are grouped in sets from

Los Angeles





New York


New Orleans




If you’re looking to please people who aren’t urban dwellers, there’s an American collection, which has cards from all over (including Pullman dining cars), a collection from the West, and a fantastic drink and cocktail collection that should work for just about anyone else. 

OLD_WEST_NOTECARD_BOX_FRONT_compact Drink_cards_web_medium America_cards_web_medium

 At $19.95, it’s a thoughtful way to remind friends that you’d like to hear from them once in a while. 

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