2013 Gift Guide: Day Sixteen

December 10, 2013


Remember when chefs used to wear toques?  That went out sometime in the 80s, when open kitchens became the rage and chefs who wanted to look hip began sporting baseball caps instead.   

But for a long time after that chefs continued to wear the traditional black and white chefs pants. So dull! Now that too is starting to change: today's trendiest chefs wander around their kitchens in bluejeans.

That gave chef Chris Cosentino, of San Francisco’s Incanto, an idea: why not design a pair of jeans specifically for chefs?  The result is Betabrand’s Chef Jeans, which are designed to be cool in the kitchen.  The crotch is vented, the fit is relaxed, and there are special pockets for a cell phone and a sharpie (you never know when some fan will demand an autograph).

The pants have many other interesting details like apron lining on the pockets and bone buttons. Available only since November, they’re the latest thing. 

Don’t feel like spending $118 on your friend?  Then maybe you’d like to invest in these meat feet socks.

A three-pack sampler is $33, and they even come with a replacement guarantee should you lose one. The socks are currently sold out, but they’re so adorable they might just be worth waiting for. 


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