2013 Gift Guide: Put This in Your Pipe

December 18, 2013


I’m kind of surprised they did not write “Ceci n’est pas une asiette,” across one of these Magritte plates, but on second thought it would have subverted the entire purpose.  

Because they are, of course plates. Brightly colored. Endlessly absurd. Entirely amusing. And at $16 apiece ($14.40  if you’re a member of MOMA), they take care of an entire range of people on your gift list. Smokers. Apple-fanciers. Peaceniks. Wearers of hats. Security freaks. Collectors of giraffes. Not to mention anyone who ever saw a Magritte painting and was stopped cold in his tracks. 

Not interested in plates?  You might want to consider this very appealing chalk board:


Order today and you're still in time for standard shipping ($6.95 flat rate) to get your gift there in time for Christmas. Wait til tomorrow, and shipping charges go up. 

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