A Few More L.A. Tastes

January 28, 2014

Sitting at G&B Coffee in the Grand Central Market, after eating lemongrass-laced Thai sausage with sticky rice and papaya salad at the Sticky Rice stand, drinking this impeccable little macchiato, thinking about all the wonderful food I've been eating while I've been here.

A few high points:

What might be the platonic ideal of lemon tarts at Cooks County (where all the food is a complete delight). Still thinking about that crust…..


Flour-steamed pork at Chengdu Taste (can't wait to go back).

 Fried Clams! Fried Clams! Fried Clams! at Connie and Ted's

 Not to mention these gorgeous shrimp.

Chicken skin
Chicken skin and avocado sandwich at The Hart and The Hunter


The great cocktails at Mud Hen Tavern (my Iphotos are so dark I'm afraid of being accused of taking worse pictures than you know who….). And everything I ate at Jitlada, where I was so busy devouring raw crabs with papaya salad, noodles with pork and a fiery nam prik rich in tamarind, that I completely forgot to take pictures.

Next time I'll do better.




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