Best Meal in Juneau

July 6, 2014


But first, a little scenery.  We flew up to Taku Lodge on a seaplane, soaring over five massive glaciers. It's wild, empty, so beautiful….


All ice and water, green and blue.


Soaring eagles, goats… and at the lodge, a bear in a tree


And then, back to Juneau, and dinner at the Rookery.  A casual, ambitious and fascinating restaurant.

We had a plate of cheese, with the most wonderful homemade kimchi and pickles (those pickled cherries were especially impressive)…


And what may be the most delicious scallops I've ever had.  They were poached in coconut, just barely, and served with a scallion-scattered quid ink adobo sauce.  Black and white…


And then this bibimbap, spicy with kimchi, crunchy with the well-cooked rice on the bottom, rich with egg…


Lots of other fascinating foods on this menu, including a crisp salmon collar and king salmon glazed with lemongrass and served over a salmon chorizo.  Can't wait to come back.

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