2014 Gift Guide, Day Seven

November 30, 2014


Sensible Seeds

Farm to table is so last year; the new movement is seed to table. If you really care about where your food comes from, you start at the beginning, with soil and seeds.

For most of human history, farmers raised regional plants adapted to the local soil and climate.  The idea that we can all grow anything, anywhere, is a completely modern notion – and one that makes very little sense.  Organic gardeners are beginning to understand that the sensible course is to plant seeds bred to thrive where they are planted. 

Enter Fruition Seeds. These are organically grown open pollinated seeds raised in the northeast and intended for northeast gardeners.  

So if you're trying to think of a great gift for a passionate gardener in the cold northeastern climate, you'd have a hard time coming up with a  better present.  There are lots of possibilities – from single seed packets to special collections for picklers or people interested in medicinal herbs. There are salsa and salad collections, and this lovely group of seeds to kickstart an organic kitchen garden.  



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