2014 Gift Guide, Day Fifteen

December 8, 2014


A Little Luxury

If you can’t rationalize buying something for yourself, you've probably stumbled upon an excellent gift. These 100 percent linen napkins from Il Buco Vita are case-in-point. Two-hundred dollars for four napkins? Insane. But one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. 

They're certainly among the most luxurious objects I own. Exquisitely constructed, they’re soft but feel substantial in the hand. They also come in warm, striking colors that lift Monday night dinner to its own special occasion. Better still, they're colored with vegetable dyes, so I can throw them into the washing machine without worrying that they'll run or fade. 

Montefalco, the Umbrian town where these napkins are made, has a long history of linen production. The fabric is woven on looms dating back to the Renaissance, and each seam is hand stitched.

Want something to go under the napkins? I recently stumbled upon Lisa Corti tablecloths. They may not be made by guildspeople in Italy, but they’re sure to inject a jolt of sun into any drab dining room. 

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