Things I Love: Just Say Howda

July 6, 2015


If there's a cheese that's easier to love than aged Gouda, I have yet to encounter it.  It has such a sweet seductive flavor and soft fudgy texture that it practically purrs.  This L'Amuse Signature Gouda is hand-aged by affineur Betty Koster in her cheese shop in Santpoort-Noord. 

Think butterscotch, think caramel, think irresistible. It has a resonant flavor that goes on and on, echoing long after the cheese itself has vanished. I have never met anyone who didn't like it.

Incidentally, if you were in Holland you'd pronounce this cheese HOWda. 

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  • DevBrn says:

    Aged gouda is so accessible and I love that it can sometimes have parmesan-like crystals. Yum crunch

  • alexis says:

    Ah I adore L’Amuse gouda. I often pick up a special wedge to pair with a da hong pao oolong tea. The tea has a charcoal aroma and smooth/earthy/woodsy tastes with a hint of sweetness (like cooked brown sugar). I actually love to dunk bits of the cheese into that tea to transform them into melty marvels. The earthy, nutty elements of the gruyère complement the roasted, earthy notes of the oolong, ultimately letting the sweet notes that they both share shine (brown sugar-roasted fruit). And now I want to drive to a cheese shop immediately…

  • Love, Love LOVE Gouda in almost any form. L’Amuse, Midnight Moon (our family favorite), Ewephoria, and my personal favorite, Saenkanter, a softer, flaky L’Amuse. Oh, and don’t forget Lamb Chopped, also a nice Gouda. My son loves them so much that his last 2 birthdays have been Gouda days. 🙂