As Promised….

August 18, 2015

Without any fanfare, here is the Angel's Tit as published by Gourmet in 1951.  I can hardly think of anything that sounds worse.


Well, to be honest, these other Angel Drinks sound equally loathsome.


There were, however, some really good suggestions in this issue – often in the form of ads.  This, for instance:


Since I've become increasingly interested in whole grain, stone-ground flours, I went online to see what I could find out about Bear's Mill.  I was expecting nothing – but I was wrong. Bear's Mill is still a working grist mill, still grinding flour, still selling it.  There is, it seems, some hope.

And then I found this: an ad for the first electric coffee grinder.


 I happen to have one, and like it very much.  Kitchen Aid started making this retro model again about ten years ago.  Apparently it was not a huge success and the model is now discontinued. But you can still find it in a few places.  Here, for instance. 

And then there is this interesting ad.  My mother used to buy ripe black olives, but it's been years since I've even thought about those bland black orbs. This recipe brought back a sharp taste memory; I'm pretty sure my mother once made this dish.



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  • SS4U says:

    I purchased a bottle of Creme Yvette in the last year. They revived the recipe (hadn’t been made in years) its a violet liquor and quite nice, actually. I mix with Gin and carpano antica. Mmmm!

  • Janet says:

    Amazing! MY mom made those chiquita sandwiches, although we didn’t call them that, and they were one of my favorites. She never used American cheese (it was an abomination in our house), and the mixture is salty enough from the other ingredients. Otherwise, this is a total blast from my past. I still make them, even though my husband and son loathe them. Thanks!