Vintage Chicken

August 6, 2015


It's June 1983, and on the cover of Gourmet two chefs in Wales head out to the kitchen garden to gather food for dinner. Early farm to table!

Inside the ads are primarily for cigarettes and booze – although there is this rather wonderful ad which says a great deal about what people worried about at the start of the eighties.



As for recipes…. this one, for a sort of Spanish chicken, impressed me as very much of its time.  (Although I am puzzled by the size of the chicken; when was the last time you saw a bird this small?)



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  • Gourmand Moe says:

    I remember growing up in a small farm in Nebraska where my Aunt would purchase 75 baby chicks each early fall and put them in a small chicken house under a brooder to keep them warm. Once they grew to pullet size, we would butcher them and they were all right around two and a half pounds apiece. They never grew up enough to start laying eggs. It gave our family food all winter long.
    During my travels in the Air Force, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Bergen, Norway and did in fact eat at the Restaurant Bellevue in the early 90’s. No lobster bisque but it was my first reindeer steak. I’m so glad you left that little bit in the bottom of the article. It brought back some great memories.