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November 20, 2015



From my collection of old menus.  I’m guessing this is from the thirties, before Spenger’s moved from Benicia to Berkeley, when you could still get a shrimp cocktail for thirty-five cents.

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  • Paul Robson says:

    Ms. Reichl,
    I am a single dad of two teenage kids who have grown up with a preference for their father’s cooking. In reality I am a hack cook who tries and who buys and looks at hundreds of cookbooks. Your “My Kitchen Year” is the best cookbook I have ever encountered and it is the only one I have ever read from start to almost finished. I will finish it. It is biblical.

    I have recommended it to all of my cookie/cookish friends.

    Thank you and all best wishes.

    Paul Robson

  • admin says:

    Thanks Paul. You’ve completely made my day!