Vintage Baked Olives, Cookies and Cornbread

November 4, 2015


As promised yesterday, here are some less rococo recipes from this issue of Gourmet.

First up, one that intrigues me.  Friends are stopping by for drinks tonight, and I definitely plan on serving them these little tidbits.  (I cut it off too early, but the point is to bake them for 15 minutes and serve them warm.)


As for these cookies, I’m pretty sure they were a Gourmet favorite, one we reprinted many times. 


And this recipe sounds rather radical for the time – that’s a lot of jalapenos for the sixties!


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  • Robert Fenerty says:

    Thanks for posting these! It is completely adorable that your photos are pasted into the blog upside down.

  • Laurie Porter says:

    The Baked Cheese and Olives recipe was my mother’s go to cocktail party food in the 60s. The constant trays coming out of the oven-and I was allowed to pass them when they had cooled slightly, whilst also eating more than my fair share. I can hear the tinkling of ice cubes in the cocktail glasses. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rob Marais says:

    In re the jalapeño corn bread: really now. Sugar? Wheat flour? Baking pans instead of a proper cast iron skillet? I know this is a vintage recipé but it reads more like a leftover from Hallowe’en! Having made a proper Southern buttermilk chili cornbread in the requisite seasoned cast iron skillet, with diced sautéed jalapeños added (no flour or sugar, self-rising cornmeal used, true disclosure) I achieved an infinitely more satisfactory result with a much better crust than a baking pan could ever give. Then again, I was raised in the South where hot bread, cornbread or biscuits, is a daily thing and we tend to be protective toward what we love.