Gift Guide 2015: Nice for Rice

December 8, 2015


This is a handai, the traditional vessel used in Japan in the final step of making sushi rice.  Cooked short grain rice is turned into a wide cedar bow, the vinegar/sugar mixture is poured over the rice which is fanned as it cools.  The cedar absorbs excess moisture from the rice.

I don’t make a lot of sushi at home, but this vessel is not only beautiful, but also fabulously fragrant . It’s a perfect way to make the most ordinary dish of rice look very lovely on the table.


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  • Nancy says:

    Recently you mentioned a cutting board w/built in book holder ($109) but I cannot find the link! Can ya help a girl out? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      I think you must have read that somewhere else, but if you figure out where I’d like to know about it. Sounds like a great idea!


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