Things I Love: Coffee Fanatics Take Note

January 17, 2016


We’re staying with friends in a house on St. John (the American Virgin Islands). Coffee fanatics, they have some truly arcane equipment. But I’ve kind of fallen in love with this Bonavita electric kettle, which not only heats your water to the perfect temperature, but also has a little timer. So you can pour the water over the coffee and let it bloom for exactly 30 seconds.

I might have to buy one of these when I get home…..

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  • Joy Kramer says:

    A bit pricey, but very classy looking. I do like an electric kettle (as long as the electricity is working).

  • Jane English says:

    I am wondering if anyone else is having trouble viewing the “Ruth’s Words” page of this website. It doesn’t work for me in Safari (only the navigation area shows) and works intermittently on Chrome. I am writing this using Firefox. My MacBook Pro is up to date on all software and just yesterday went through a battery of tests at the hands of an Apple technician (for another issue). All seems to be okay at my end.

    This problem has been going on for weeks…

  • Alexis says:

    I love this kettle. I use it several times per day as is allows me to have precise temperatures for different teas. Also, I love that you can hold water a particular temperature for a period of time. I’ll often steep a small amount of oolong tea that is meant to be re-steeped up to 6 times, and I’ll just need to set the water to the specific temp once and then hold it at that temp as I re-steep. This process really allows me to focus on the changing flavor of the oolong as I re-steep, rather than having to pause between each step to heat the water.