Random Notes from L.A.

February 8, 2016


This was among the more delicious treats of the past few days: a Bloody Mary Oyster at Connie and Ted’s.  (And if you go, be sure to try the fried clam bellies, which are absolutely irresistible.)


Nagoya-style ramen at Anzutei, downtown on Spring Street.  I haven’t had this style of ramen before, and I was completely seduced by the clean freshness of the broth, and the charred deliciousness of the pork.


This doesn’t look like any tripe you’ve ever seen – and it doesn’t taste like any tripe you’ve ever eaten.  It is spectacular: tripe that’s been cooked four different ways, until it turns into the tastiest, tenderest, most delicious piece of meat you’ve ever encountered.  At the new Moruno in the Farmer’s Market. Try it!!


Lardo pizzetta at Pizzeria Mozza.  This lily is gilded with guanciale.  Need I say more?


And yesterday, at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, as I struggled with bags filled with Oro Blanco grapefruits, puntarelle, tiny potatoes, kishu tangerines and loaves of bread, I ran into a friend pushing this wonderful folding cart.  It’s made by Clax, she swears by it, and I absolutely covet it.

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  • Jess says:

    My Kitchen Year is an absolute delight to read (same goes for these short and sweet blogs). I’m reading My Kitchen Year like a novel right now and will circle back to make some of the dishes. I’m an ardent seasonal eater so I appreciate books that celebrate each season.

  • Amy says:

    I love following your food adventures Ruth! Also, your photos on this blog *are* getting much better. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Radhika dossa says:

    Dear Ruth, have read and collected all your books and was very dismayed when I couldn’t find MKY anywhere. I finally got it! I was browsing a fabulous bookstore in a all in Kuala Lumpur, and I thought I’d ask, and woohoo! I received!! I now have MKY, back here with me at home in Mumbai! Am so, so happy! The pink kurti looks really pretty on you. Can’t wait to get started on the book now I’m home.