Things I Love: Fragrant, Green, Slightly Bitter…

February 26, 2016


I wish you could smell these dried fenugreek leaves.  Every time I open the cupboard the scent leaps out at me.  It’s herbal, very green, and when you take a pinch and put it in your mouth the flavor jumps around – a bit sweet, and then bitter.  It reminds me of mint that’s lost it’s sense of humor and gotten very, very serious.

I know fenugreek seeds; been using them for years.  I particularly like this old Gourmet recipe for Caucasus Pork with Fenugreek. But the dried leaves – methi in Indian cuisine – are new to me. When I was in Vancouver last week Vikram Vij, (he has an entire restarant empire), gave me a jar – and now I’ve fallen in love.

I’m still figuring out what to do with the leaves – right now I’m kind of sprinkling them on everything from soups to stews. But here’s how Vikram uses the fenugreek leaves with lamb.  And here are a few other ideas.

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