Peanut Butter Pizza?

April 7, 2016

IMG_5188Sitting before me is this peanut-themed recipe pamphlet, which was created by the folks at the Texas Peanut Producers Board. There’s a strange mousse on its cover, although I have no idea if it’s sweet or savory. The date? That’s the catch. There is none. (And the vast world of internet booksellers offers no clues.)

But I have a hunch.

Peanut Oil came into vogue in the United States when the trade routes to The Philippines, where vegetable oil producers sourced coconut oil – were disrupted during WWII. When those routes reopened, and other oils reentered the market peanut producers across the US began to pump money into marketing another peanut product: peanut butter. So, as a betting human, I’d put this at just after WWII.

And now for the recipes. Some look sickening. Others make me yearn for quasi “Asian” dishes of the recent American past.



IMG_5189To round things out, these relatively tame bars:




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