Things I Love: Bacon

April 14, 2016

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In my house, bacon is a staple.  I always have it on hand (along with eggs, parmesan and pasta) so I can make last-minute Carbonara.

For years I’ve been a Nueske’s fan.  And I still am. But lately I’ve discovered a locally made product I like even better.  Jansal Valley Bacon has the same sweet smokiness, but it’s less salty.  It’s uncured (no nitrates) and certified humane.  And it turns out, it’s nationally available.

The only downside?  Lately we’ve been eating an awful lot of bacon!

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  • Gordon says:

    Ruth- love Nueske’s too but Bentons black pepper bacon is great.

  • Tim says:

    I love a new bacon option–I’m with Ruth always have it on hand. Been a fan of Neuske for a long time, also love Nodine’s smokehouse too!

  • Momma J says:

    I have to agree…I can get my family to eat practically anything if I cook it with just 2-3 pieces of bacon! The next best thing is liquid smoke!
    I couldn’t embrace a vegan lifestyle, because we need flavor!!

  • sharon says:

    Have you ever heard of the Wallingford Locker in Vermont? Lots of people come up to load up… on bacon and ham. Hard to get enough. Cob smoked.

  • Mary Coolidge says:

    Jansal Valley is the in house brand from Sid Wainer, a huge wholesale operation. If I remember correctly, jansal comes from the first letter of his children’s names. I used to live near their warehouse store…..SHEER BLISS! One of the few things, I miss.

  • Joy Bryden says:

    Here in Portland on SE Woodstock is a haven of heavenly pork products, Otto’s—-their bacon is irresistibly delicious. Nothing coming from Otto’s is short of perfection, but oh my I do love their bacon.

  • Gail says:

    Dear Ruth.
    I love all the ingredients in spaghetti carbonara yet have never made it.
    Would you share your recipe, please??
    Thank you. Gail.

  • Jamie Wainer says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for featuring our Jansal Valley bacon – this is a family favorite in our house as well! We love reading your blog and we were all so excited to see this post!
    Thanks again,
    Jamie Wainer

  • Best Bacon Ever Period!


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