Strange Vintage Recipes

June 30, 2016

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Another little time bomb…. This book, published in 1955 to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the supermarket, has some of the stranger recipes I’ve encountered. There is, for example, this “Mexican” salad.  I suppose it’s the addition of chili powder that provides that south of the border slant?

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And here’s a “Japanese” appetizer that would startle most people in that nation.  Most people in any nation, come to think of it. Where on earth did this come from?

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Then there is this Finnish way with hot dogs…

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And finally, a truly strange American salad.

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I also found some unexpectedly intriguing recipes in this odd book.  I’ll post those tomorrow.

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  • Amy says:

    My grandmother made something like that frozen salad once in a while. It was the oddest little loaf, kind of like a savory Popsicle. Haven’t thought about it in a long, long time…..

  • Lois Rosenfeld Urkowitz says:

    The Mexican recipe is truly strange! Never had any salad with bread or carrots in it or string beans. Maybe the bread is a substitute for tortilla strips. I’ve actually seen the frozen salad in some cookbooks I have from that time period.

  • Mary Uhrina says:

    We did live in an insulated little world back then. My mother was big on congealed salads.

  • Moe says:

    I am afraid that I will not be preparing any of these. Can’t wait to see the better ones tomorrow my dear. And by the way, have a great Fourth of July weekend.

  • Joy Kramer says:

    Oh, yum (not). Maybe the pimento made the salad Mexican, sort of sounds Spanish, doesn’t it? And maybe the persimmons were exotic enough then to be considered Japanese fare? I can’t speak for the Finnish hot dogs though. And the frozen salad, that does sound vaguely familiar. In fact, I just printed a receipe called frozen tropical fruit salad that is similar but it sounds better to me than this old recipe. Amazing what people either ate, or tried out. We did a lot with canned fruit.