Aspic, Again

August 13, 2016


A couple more recipes from that Farm Journal Cookbook.  I just can’t resist these old-fashioned dishes, that take us back to an almost forgotten America when people were rolling ham up into rolls, using maraschino cherry juice and plopping eggs into aspic.

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I think what I find so appealing about these dishes is that they’re so far from anything anyone was making in New York when I was growing up.  This egg salad….

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  • Connie Fischer says:

    Hi, Ruth!

    I love things in aspic but cannot abide jello salads. Thanks for sharing these recipes.

  • Jessica Carey says:

    I recognized those pork rolls immediately in my Twitter feed, and knew in that moment that I have spent way too much time reading through my vintage cookbook collection…
    Have you seen Farm Journal’s Complete Pie Cookbook, from 1965? (I acquired it permanently from my high school library back in 1996–I temporarily lost it, paid the $4.65 replacement fee, and then found it again, so kept it!)
    The pie cookbook is amazing. The savoury chapters have some so-bad-they’re-good photos, but I’ve actually tried making some of the sweet pie recipes, and they were actually really good! (I can’t speak for the “fast-fix” pies which are way too liberal with the gelatin and pre-fab pudding mixes, I’m afraid). The writing is unreal–by turns poetic, pleasurable, and utterly horrifying (mostly your typical mid-twentieth century gender essentialisms, pushed to the extreme).

  • admin says:

    I haven’t seen that one, Jessica. But now I will try and find it. Thanks!

  • CarissaDV says:

    Of course, only an authentic aspic server will work when serving aspic. This is what people used in 1872: item #5 on the page