In a Pinch….

August 24, 2016


Let’s get this out of the way right from the start: it’s not home-made. It doesn’t taste like the stock you make yourself from bones. It is also a little too salty.

However, it’s not disgusting. Which is, when it comes to canned chicken broth, a first in my experience.

And sometimes, let’s face it, you run out of homemade stock.

I made risotto from this broth last night, and it was more than acceptable. So I plan on making sure I’ve always got some on hand.

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  • Joy Bryden says:

    I can’t find a list of stores that carry this on their website–did you have to order it from Spain?

  • Janet says:

    Hi Ruth. “Disgusting” in the word for chicken broth out of a carton or can. Even Trader Joe’s. What do you think about “Better than Boullion”? It’s salty but has a decent flavor.
    Love you,

  • Janet says:

    Hi Ruth! You’re spot on with the word “disgusting” when it comes to canned or boxed chicken broth. Even Trader Joe’s is a little stinky. What do you think of “It’s Better than Boullion”? It’s too salty but has some flavor.

    You rock,

  • I’m with you on this one, Ruth. This looks like a particularly good, bad-ingredient-free one. In Australia quality stock costs $$, so it is best in the end to make it unfortunately.

  • Debbie Quinn says:

    A bit expensive for everyday use, but will try it. What bouillons are the least offensive? Sometimes I take the carcass of the supermarket roasted chickens, add carrots, onions, water and make broth/soup; not too bad in a pinch. 🙂