Summer of Seventy-Eight

August 2, 2016

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A whole carton of old Gourmet Magazines – from the seventies and eighties – has just arrived at my house, and I’m having so much fun going through them.  I’m loving the September 1978 issue; here are a few recipes that captured my attention.

(Amaretto was all the rage in the late seventies, but if you don’t happen to have any on hand, you could substitute another liqueur, a bit of white or rose wine, or in a pinch, just water.  It would probably improve the flavor – Amaretto is sticky sweet – but you might want to add just the tiniest drop of almond extract.)

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I’m intrigued by this savory pie, which is kind of a cross between a quiche and a pizza. Looking forward to trying it.



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And here’s an unusual take on Coquilles St.-Jacques….


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Should you forget how much time has passed since then, here’s a rather pointed reminder:

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  • MaggieToo says:

    1978 was a big year for me — first marriage, first important job. Hope you’ll share more from that year’s issues with us.

    And except for the beaten eggwhites, that quichey thing bears a strong resemblance to the Southern tomato pie that Vivian Howard makes:

    And $77 for seven nights in London? Sheesh, that was cheaper than the then-ubiquitous gram of cocaine.

  • MaggieToo says:

    P.S. — I think your next book should be a compilation of beauty secrets. You look fantastic. Could it be all that matzoh brei?