Things I Love: Old Fashioned Dish Towels

August 4, 2016


Thought for this perfect summer day: sometimes the simplest thing can make you happy.

A friend recently sent me three of these large (they’re really capacious – 30 by 38 inches) white flour sack dish towels.

I am in love.

They dry glasses better than any other towel I’ve ever encountered. ¬†They’re great for drying lettuce and leaving it in the refrigerator. They clean up beautifully because they’re so simple: pure white so they take bleach.

They make me smile at each encounter.


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  • orcagna says:

    Though I never encountered those lovely towels (do they ship overseas?), I couldn’t agree more – I wish there were much, much more beautiful simple kitchen basics. These days the sheer impossibility of finding this sort of potholders (no crotchet, please!) makes me very sad, so just in case you had any suggestions…

  • Anonymous says:

    I have dish towels like this, and I bought them at Walmart. Not expensive at all, and yes, bleachable – which should be a word.

    Btw, I live in a small town, and without a car, I’m limited to shopping at Walmart and Marsh, a local grocery chain, plus Dollar General and Family Dollar. Sometimes good stuff is available at reasonable prices.

  • Brent says:

    I’ve been using these for years, they’re also great for straining fruit to make crystal clear jelly. After they get tattered they make great polishing cloths.

  • Sue Story says:

    So good . I bought my two at Oakville Grocery in the Napa Valley . They are my favourites for polishing glasses and my induction cooktop.

  • Lucia says:

    There are a lot of “flour sack towels” out there to purchase. They make claims to being the best but not all linens are what they claim to be. I would very much like to try to buy the Jiffy brand but cannot find it online. Can anyone please provide me with a link to buy them?

  • peggy franklin says:

    just saw this post . i am currently reordering this towel from my long time source
    Willey’s Store in Greensboro, Vermont. It is now Willey’s Ace Hardware but still same towel
    They are $2.99 each plus tax
    The number is 802-533-2554 I spoke with Sue