Dinner at Little Park

September 13, 2016


I’ve always liked Andrew Carmellini’s cooking, and when friends suggested dinner at Little Park, I leapt at the chance.  But I was worried too; The Dutch is one of the most clamorous restaurants I know, and I wondered if we’d be able to hear each other talk.

Not to worry; Little Park is decidedly calmer.  And the food is extremely amiable.

I started with


yellowtail, cured in mescal with a topping of green tomato and jalapenos.  It was generous and very satisfying.



I liked this kohlrabi salad, which was punctuated with figs, hazelnuts and roasted garlic.



An interesting take on the classic tuna carpaccio


But my favorite dish of the night was the plate at the top, a charmingly simple tangle of tomatoes, pasta and summer squash.

Little Park isn’t the sort of restaurant you go home to dream about – but it will leave you very satisfied, and eager to come back.

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