It’s Onion Season; Time for Onion Rings

September 3, 2016


I’ve always loved this recipe – and you can certainly make it all year round.  But I’m just back from the farmers’ market with small, just-harvested onions, which makes this the perfect time for this simple and surprising dish.

Make a plateful for a party, and I guarantee they’ll disappear.

James Beard’s “Onion Rings”

Shopping list: 1 loaf brioche or challah, 4 small onions, 1 bunch parsley

Staples: mayonnaise, salt

Begin with a sliced loaf of sturdy white bread, or a loaf of brioche. Take an inch and a half round cookie cutter and cut circles out of the bread.  Slather them with good commercial mayonnaise and sprinkle that with salt.

Slice 4 small white onions very thinly.  Put a slice of onion on a circle of bread and sandwich it with a second piece. 

Chop a bunch of parsley.  Spread mayonnaise on the edge of each sandwich and then roll it in parsley.  You are done.

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