Gift Guide: The Slice of Life

November 28, 2016

fullsizerender-8A great bread knife is one of life’s great pleasures.  Also one of its rarest.  When was the last time you cut a loaf of bread without having to saw at it?

I bought my breadknife at Poilane in Paris, years ago.  I love it madly.  It’s incredibly sharp, slices beautifully, and feels good in your hand.

I didn’t think you could buy this knife in the United States, and then I turned the knife over, to the side that doesn’t say “Poilane” and realized that the knife is made by Deglon.

Et voila!  You can go to the Poilane website, and order it from abroad.  Or you can go to Amazon. so much easier.  Such a great gift for about fifty bucks. 

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