Gift Guide: The Baking Bowl Blues

December 19, 2016

blue-milk-glass-mixing-bowl-set-20160926212314The time to order online is fading fast. So quick, while you can still get these bowls in time for Christmas, here’s one final mail order idea.

Every cook uses bowls – and nobody ever has enough.  I’m very partial to these old fashioned milk glass bowls in vibrant robin’s egg blue, which have been made by Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio for over half a century. I smile every time I spot that gorgeous color in the kitchen, and I imagine these beautiful bowls will have the same effect on your friends.

Mosser Glass doesn’t have an online store, but try here or here, where I bought mine.  Should you want to try shopping the old fashioned way, the Mosser site features a very handy dealer locator.

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