A (Fantastic) Alto Adige Dinner

January 10, 2017


I’d heard great things about Italienne, the new restaurant on 24th Street, but I was unprepared for the pure pleasure of the relaxed ambiance, caring service, lovely wine list and wonderful food.

We happened to land there on Monday, which the restaurant devotes to regional meals.  Last night honored Alto Adige, which is as close to Austria as Italy ever gets. This meal, which began with the plate above, was proof of that.

On the left, light, almost lacy slices of speck.  In the middle, cheese and potato cakes – rich, crisp, completely seductive.  And on the right, little herbed fresh cheese dumplings which were perfect on the restaurant’s flaky rolls.

There was also this faro soup, redolent of a rich meat stock.


On to canderli –

fullsizerender-9remarkably airy bread dumplings surrounded by apples, red cabbage and horseradish.

Next a major meat plate


smoked pork loin, a rib so rich it shattered at the touch of a fork, gorgeous sausage, sauerkraut and little nubs of roast potatoes.



apple strudel with a fior di latte gelato as soft as frozen velvet. 

Finishing this fantastic meal I had two thoughts: I wish my German father could have been here.  He would have LOVED this meal.

And… when can I come back and taste the rest of the menu?


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  • Patti Lynch says:

    These are my favorite emails of yours, Ruth. When you give us a glimpse of where you have been, and what you have been eating. Although, honestly, they also make me a little jealous and a lot hungry! Especially since I am home battling a rough cold. But the pictures do bring me some joy, so thanks!

  • a student says:

    hi mrs. rothacher

  • Summer says:

    I’ve never had cheese dumplings. Are they cooked?

  • katherine says:

    The apple strudel looks divine!!

  • Sera says:

    Ruth, enjoyed your mouthwatering description of your Alto Adige meal. I did however note two typos…farro is spelled with two “r”s, and the dumpling you ate are called canederli, not canderli.

  • Tobe' says:

    I keep going back to the cheese and potato cakes…

  • Michael Upper says:

    Thanks for the great words and pictures. At age 70 I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to and am currently preparing and eating a lot of Thai food at home. But…I have to tell you…I could make a meal of either the farro soup or the meat dish shown here.

    Can’t wait until I get the NYC to try this beautiful restaurant.

    Michael Upper


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