How To Peel Farm Fresh Eggs

February 26, 2017

Bought eggs at the farmers market this morning, then decided to make deviled eggs to eat as we watch the Oscars.  Problem: fresh eggs are impossible to peel, and these were gathered yesterday.

Solution: steam the eggs for twenty minutes.  Put them into an ice water bath. Wait till they’re cool enough to handle. Roll on the counter.  Peel.

Worked like a charm: every single egg slipped happily from its shell.  No green ring. Bright orange yolks.  Lovely deviled eggs.


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  • That’s so funny! I just saw Sara Moulton at the new Milk St. Kitchen, and as a side note, mentioned that. I’ve tried everything for years, and this is by far the easiest way. Then I found out Alton Brown did a video on this a few years back. Why weren’t we taught this?! Genius.