Things I Love: Green Serpentine

May 29, 2017

When I asked for marble counters, everyone told me I was crazy.  “It will pit,” they said, “it will stain.”

But I didn’t care. I’d always dreamed of marble counters to roll out my pie dough. I’d had granite before, and I didn’t like it; such a cold, unforgiving stone.  I love the soft warmth of marble – and I kind of liked the idea that it would show wear, change over time.

So I got my green marble.  Or at least I thought I did.  It’s lovely stone, and it’s great for rolling out pastry, or kneading bread, or making pasta. But I’ve had it fifteen years now – and despite slamming burning hot pots onto it, slicing with sharp knives and spilling endless foods from coffee to red wine to beet juice – it looks as new now as it did when it was installed.

Turns out it’s not marble after all.  It’s Vermont green serpentine – and it is, without any doubt, my favorite thing about my kitchen.

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  • Laura G. Chirinos says:

    I love this post hahaaa Green is my favorite color and my birthstone (May baby!)… I would totally have this in my kitchen.

  • Jane Hedal-Siegel says:

    Oh my!!
    I just finished my kitchen upgrade and the thing I insisted on was Vt
    Verde. Crazy about this stone !
    So much dance in the striations.
    I dragged my husband up to the quarry in Vermont, picked out the slab and had it delivered here to Forest Hills Ny (he was entertained) plus the counters were so special we had a microwave drawer installed!!
    Every morning I awaken to my counters while making pressed coffee
    Oh joy