Chowder is a Murder – and other great old recipes.

August 22, 2017

These recipes are all from the April, 1951 issue of Gourmet.  There’s something winning about each of them. For some it’s the casual way they’re written: I’m especially fond of the quahog cakes.  Some have seductive names: how can you resist a recipe called “lace pantycakes”? And some have adorable technique: simply insert a straw in the pomegranate and drink.

And isn’t it nice to be reminded, in this pomegranate-mad moment, that sixty-five years ago they were already on the menu?


Finally, an ad.  I actually have one of these: ten years ago Kitchen Aid brought them back.  If anyone knows how to use this machine so it doesn’t spit ground coffee all over the counter, I’d be grateful for advice.

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  • Tracy says:

    What is the second quahog recipe?

  • Tracy says:

    How I enjoy your tweets!

  • C. Prysock says:

    I miss my Kitchen Aid coffee grinder. It’s rather loud motor actually became a welcome part of the morning din. If you use a glass to allow the grounds to empty into as it runs, it works quite well. But never ever open the little regulator door while the machine is grinding-you will indeed wind up with grounds all over the counter. Clogs can be alleviated with a chopstick but only while the machine is off.