Gift Guide 2017: Pick a Peck of Pepper

December 11, 2017

You obsess about salt.  You have, in fact, an entire wardrobe of salts, from flaky to coarse to pink, black and smoked.  Admit it.  You’ve even got salt in a a variety of colors.

But what about pepper?  It’s the most-used spice in the world – and few people give it the respect it deserves.

Time for a change.

I love this pepper:

which is sourced from small farmers in India.  Larger than the peppercorns you’re accustomed to, these Tellicherry peppercorns have  a fine, rich, robust fragrance.  Any cook would be grateful.

And while you’re gifting pepper, why not a mill as well? My favorite peppermill – the giant (7 1/2 inches tall)  Perfex which I use every day – is inexplicably hard to find.

After much Googling around I found it here:

But that’s a kitchen mill. For the table, I’m very fond of this Magnus Mill, sold by the Reluctant Kitchen Trader who also sell the peppercorns:

but – in the interest of fairness I have to admit that next time I buy one, I’m investing in the wooden version.  Some clumsy person (me), dropped mine, shattering the porcelain.

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