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May 14, 2018

Apologies.  I’ve been on deadline, and for the past couple of weeks I pretty much dropped everything to just spend time in my little writing cabin.

I did, however, come in every night and cook dinner.

I ordered some fish from Sea To Table, and I’ve been trying a different variety every night. The fish is all wild-caught, American and sustainable – and it’s really impressive. Last night I made sole piccata from their West Coast flounder, which is just about the most delicate fish you’ll ever encounter.  It comes in a package of 4 3-ounce filets which are a breeze to cook – just a couple minutes in the pan. Even the most fervent fish-hater is bound to like this extremely subtle sole.

The shrimp are great too – wild caught in the Gulf of Mexico – although I do wish they came with the shells.  (There’s nothing like shrimp shells for a fast seafood stock.)

All the fish arrives frozen, and completely ready to cook.  Shelled, boned, skinned…. All you have to do is allow the frozen fish to thaw, slowly, in the refrigerator for a day or two.

Here’s the recipe for the sole piccata:

12 ounces  flat fish (sole, flounder, etc.)

flour, salt, pepper

4 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 cup dry white wine

juice of half a lemon

4 tablespoons capers

minced parsley

a couple tablespoons of butter.


Pat the filets dry.

Lightly season about a third cup of flour with salt and pepper and lightly flour the filets on both sides.

Heat the olive oil over medium high heat in a large skillet.  Allow it to get really hot, then fry the filets for about 2 minutes, turn and fry another minute and a half or so. Remove the fish to a platter.

Pour the wine into the pan and scrape up any floury bits. Let it boil and reduce, add the lemon juice and capers, give it a good stir then swirl in the butter. Stir in the parsley and pour over the fish.

I like to serve this with rice.


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  • Vicki Abbott says:

    Good to read about your lovely fish. However, it is imperative that we remember that ALL fish in ANY ocean has ingested some plastic by now. So even if sustainably farmed or politically correct fish is all we eat, we are probably ingesting plastic, too.

  • Eric says:

    We will definitely cook this for next week. Thanks for sharing!


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