Gift Guide 2018: Snack Time

December 21, 2018

It’s getting to be very late for shipping, so now you have to be more creative.  This is the time I usually suggest that you promise your friends some fantastic fruit later in the year, when it comes into season.  I’ve suggested the fabulous pixie tangerines from Tangerine Man in Ojai, the peaches from Frog Hollow Farm, dried apricots, and even, one year, that you buy an olive tree for a friend so they can have the oil come harvest time.

This year, however, I’m going in a more frivolous direction.  How about snacks from Japan?  Bokksu sends a monthly selection of treats – some sweet, some salty – from the nation that worships snacks. Not sure I approve, but in this absurd political moment, with everything going completely crazy, a monthly box of junk from halfway across the world seems somehow appropriate. 

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