Gift Guide 2018: Super Seeds

December 17, 2018

Dan Barber has the most interesting food mind in the country.  At least in my opinion.  He’s always a few steps ahead of the rest of us. (If you haven’t read his The Third Plate, what are you waiting for?)

While others are fixated on the farm to table movement, Dan’s moved on.  According to him, we should be thinking seed to table. And that is why he, along with breeder Michael Mazourek and seedsman Matthew Goldfarb started Row 7 Seeds.They’ve also collected an impressive community of collaborators; think famous chefs and growers across the world.

These seeds are breed for one thing: flavor.  They’re also organic, American, non-GMO and – importantly – unpatented. They’re also unusual.

Take, for example, the habanada pepper.  It has that elusive fruitiness of the habanero, without the heat.  It’s the perfect pepper for someone more focused on flavor than pain.

And these purple snowpeas?  Beauregardes keep their color when cooked.  (They’re not yet available, but stay tuned.)

If you know a gardener, a few packets of seeds would make a wonderful – and extremely inexpensive – gift. The company sells unusual squashes, beets, cucumbers, potatoes… But the real gift here is simply introducing your friends to Row 7 Seeds; great food, after all, starts in the garden.


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