Gift Guide: Stupid Expensive, But…..

December 6, 2018


I fell in love with these titanium tumblers when I first ate at Singlethread in Healdsburg (which, incidentally, was just awarded three Michelin stars). The one they gave me felt so wonderful in my hand that I ended up petting it throughout the meal.  The tumblers also keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks absolutely icy.  I instantly coveted one.

But when I found them online, they were stupidly expensive, and I couldn’t bring myself to spend $175 for  a single tumbler. 

I should have bought one back then, because now they’re even more expensive. $250.  But if you have someone on your gift list who thinks she has everything, I’d be willing to bet she’s lacking one of these. And even more willing to bet that she’ll love it.

Who wouldn’t?

Each one is handmade, which takes about a week.  Then there’s shipping from Japan, which takes another week. Still, if you order now you should still be able to get one by Christmas.

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